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hong kong! it's time for tea!

The Alley's drinks create the amazing stories of your lives.
Replay your good memories now!

The Alley's drinks create the amazing stories of your lives.
Replay your good memories now!
A perfect cup of tea drink is part of us - it has been part of us all our lives.
Enjoying the warm breezes and the unexpected sunshine in a relaxing afternoon,
sipping on a refreshing tea drink that carries its stories -
this is the strongest memory we have from our childhood.
We wish to share with you this memory, so The Alley was born.

In 2017's Summer, The Alley comes all the way to Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong.
We source high-quality seasonal ingredients, ensure the taste is consistent and
create different flavours and blends that cater to Hong Kong people’s tastes.
It’s time for Hong Kong people to have a taste of good tea drinks.

“A good drink” doesn’t only have good taste, it also reminds you all the happiness.
The Alley wishes to create the most familiar flavour to all the deer fans,
allowing you all to have the taste of home anywhere.
Having good drinks is some treats to let you enjoy your own moment of calm.
We hope your good mood comes with every sip of The Alley’s drinks.

The Alley Aurora Series Northern Lights

cane syrup making daily

The Alley Hong Kong Sugar Cane

We are committed to make our own sugar cane syrup. The all natural, high quality sugar canes are picked and boiled in house, creating the most original flavour. This sweetness is delicate but never overpowering.

freshly prepared tapioca (deerioca)

The Alley Hong Kong Deerioca 珍珠

We insist on making the Deerioca (tapioca) from scratch. The complicated procedure of preparing Deerioca creates the best texture and aroma for the tapioca. Each bite is perfect, unique with additional pleasure.

carefully selected tea leaves

The Alley Hong Kong Tea Leaves

We guarantee to use high quality tea leaves. From choosing and hand-picking the tea leaves to roasting with other ingredients, each cup of tea has its own determined aroma and taste. The flavour may be short-lived, the memory will be everlasting.

    • Tsim Sha Tsui

    • Address: Shop F, G/F, Alpha House, No. 27-33, Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong

      Open: Monday - Sunday 12:00noon - 10:00pm